The power of rating is in your hands with NetRate

ISO® Commercial Lines Rating & Maintenance from NetRate


As part of the Verisk/ISO® Strategic Alliance program, we deliver and maintain a 50-state ISO®-based commercial rating solution with the latest ISO® option sets, rates and rules, and the flexibility to select past versions that may be required by your filing.

If your business requirements include processing of commercial insurance quotes based on ISO® rates and rules, there is no easier or faster way to implement and maintain your system than a NetRate Commercial Lines Rating System. The NetRate team leverages our ISO® relationship to provide an ISO® based system, and our years of experience delivering customized systems to ensure that your system is configured to the unique requirements of the insurance programs that you offer.

Benefits of a NetRate Commercial Lines Rating Solution

Our flagship ISO®-based NetRate Commercial Lines Rating Solution is designed to deliver an efficient, powerful, high performance rating experience with these benefits:

Rapid Deployment of the following ISO® Commercial Lines for all states.

Maintenance Free: ISO® makes hundreds of changes per year. Our team keeps our ISO® content libraries up to date so the option sets, rates, and rules are ready when you need them. In addition, the solution is cloud based. There’s no need for you to use your valuable resources on maintaining ISO® content, updating software applications, or maintaining additional hardware.

Worry-Free, No-Hassle ISO® Edition Management: Whether all of the states in your program are ISO® current, use past editions, or you have a mix of the two, a NetRate solution will take the worry out of using the correct ISO® rate and rule edition. The NetRate service team will keep your programs set to the ISO® editions you specify, so your team doesn’t have to hassle with learning how to configure another system.

Efficient, Intuitive ISO® Data Entry: Rating on an ISO® basis requires selecting valid ISO® inputs for the ISO® edition being used. The NetRate user interface makes it easy for even the most inexperienced users to enter a quote by presenting only valid ISO® options for the configured ISO® edition. In addition, utilities like ISO®classification look up and automated zip code to ISO® territory matching, make data entry very intuitive.