Every user login is connected to a role so that each person has permission to access only the components and features that are available for them and their role. This is a powerful feature that can make the same portal act like a simple submission site or a full-featured insurance processing portal.

We know that processing your insurance business relies on a network of relationships. Sometimes the network is small and simply managed while others are a large, complex web. In either case : as well as everything in between : our role-based portal can be configured to meet your requirements.

Some typical role types:

  • Wholesaler/Agent: Perhaps you want an agent to fill out an application or generate a quick quote for one or all of your programs so that it can be submitted to an underwriter. The agent role can accomplish this.
  • Rater: You need to provide the functionality for full featured rating, including access to full rating worksheets and rating modifiers, but without the access to bind policies. We can help configure this role for you.
  • Underwriter: At the center of all the activity, your underwriter may be configured to receive submissions from agents for one or all of your companies and programs. In addition, they will have the ability to review and approve/disapprove the submissions. They will have access to rating and policy issuance, and dashboards to summarize key process indicators. Give your underwriters all the time-saving features they need to efficiently process and collaborate with your network.
  • Carrier Executive: In the carrier executive role you may have access to see the key process indicator dashboards and reports for all the programs that your agents, wholesalers, raters, and underwriters are working on for your company.
  • MGA Executive: In the MGA executive role you have access to see the key process indicator dashboards and reports for all the programs across all of your writing companies so that you can get a real time view of the status of your business.