Integrate our powerful NetSYNERGY web services into your own software application. Our NetRate rating web service, NetPPS document generation web service, and more can be called from any third-party application. In addition, many of the time saving features of a NetRate solution, such as ISO® Classi­fication Lookup, USPS Zip Code to ISO® Territory Matching, and ISO® ELP Lookup, are also available to you as web services.

NetRate solutions are based on latest web technology and are powered by our web services. With NetSYNERGY we can expose those web services to enable flexible, custom processing without the NetRate Systems user interfaces within a technology platform that already exists at your organization or incorporated into a new platform of your choice. Our list of available cloud based web services include:

  • NetRate Rating
  • NetPPS Document Generation
  • NetRate ISO® Classification Lookup
  • NetPPS Business Rule Driven Policy Document Selection
  • NetRate USPS Zip Code to ISO® Territory Matching
  • ISO® ELP Lookup

If your business requirements include utilizing a third-party user interface application, but you still need some of the pieces of a NetRate solution, then NetSYNERGY might be right for you. The same NetSYNERGY web services available to you drive our user interface. This enables us to provide a hybrid solution that, for example, would allow the end-to-end NetRate solution to be utilized within your organization and expose a third-party application powered by NetSYNERGY web services to external parties. There are many possibilities, contact us today to discuss your unique processing requirements.

With a NetSYNERGY solution you will receive complete documentation of our web service APIs and associated proprietary NetRate XML, so that you have all the needed supporting information to drive your solution.

NetSYNERGY can enable solutions such as quick quotes, comparative rating, and form list generation, and it can provide access to our solutions via third-party portals. It enables the use of multiple different interfaces while using the same underlying insurance processing utilities. So you can have a salesperson in the field using a web-based portal and a staff member in the home office using a windows desktop application both using the same cloud-based rating or policy issuance utilities. This reduces maintenance and allows customization of applications to fit the unique requirements of the role of the users or business function without requiring multiple backend processing solutions.