The power of rapidly generating policy documents is in your hands with NetRate.

ISO® Commercial Lines Forms, Business Rules & Maintenance from NetRate.

Rapid Deployment of the following ISO Commercial Lines for all states is our mission. We also maintain the hundreds of rate and factor changes each year. Our team keeps our ISO® content libraries up to date so the forms and rules are ready when you need them.

Ask about other lines of business that you may need for your program. We support other lines of business, such as Business Owners Policy (BOP) and Workers’ Compensation in a limited manner that may be right for your needs.

Maintenance Free: ISO® makes hundreds of changes per year. Our team keeps our ISO® content libraries up to date so the option sets, rates, and rules are ready when you need them. In addition, the solution is cloud based. There’s no need for you to use your valuable resources on maintaining ISO® content, updating software applications, or maintaining additional hardware.

Worry-Free, No-Hassle ISO® Edition Management: Whether all of the states in your program are ISO® current, use past editions, or you have a mix of the two, a NetRate solution will take the worry out of using the correct ISO® rate and rule edition. The NetRate service team will keep your programs set to the ISO® editions you specify, so your team doesn’t have to hassle with learning how to configure another system.

Efficient, Intuitive ISO® Data Entry: Rating on an ISO® basis requires selecting valid ISO® inputs for the ISO® edition being used. The NetRate user interface makes it easy for even the most inexperienced users to enter a quote by presenting only valid ISO® options for the configured ISO® edition. In addition, utilities like ISO®classification look up and automated zip code to ISO® territory matching, make data entry very intuitive.

Other key features of a NetRate Commercial Lines Rating Solution include:

  • Customized to You:We know every ISO®-based insurance program has a unique component built on top of that base that provides extra value to the marketplace. We expect to tailor every NetRate solution to your unique requirements, and our experienced service team is ready to deliver. From logos on forms to custom business rules we will meet your needs.
  • Policy Life Cycle Rating: This solution goes beyond simply providing the original policy documents. We build in the power of the policy life cycle so that just the right documents are generated for each transaction type. From original policy to mid-term endorsements, cancellations, and renewals your NetPPS solution can handle it.
  • Multi-Line, Multi-State, Multi-Location and Package Rating: Allows for exceptional handling of large, complex policies.
  • Fully Integrated Policy Documents: NetRate is integrated with our document generation system so you can seamlessly generate documents from data already entered.
  • Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry with Data Imports: Lots of locations? Huge vehicle fleets? Don’t do any duplicate data entry. Import them in a snap!
  • Systems Integration: Gone are the days of having to re-enter data from one system to another. Easily integrate your third party applications, such as a policy administration system, with your NetRate rating solution.