The power of rapidly generating policy documents is in your hands with NetRate.

Custom documents and business rules

Our experienced team can rapidly develop and deploy custom, carrier specific forms, complete with data mapping and business rules to eliminate duplicate data entry and E & O risk. The forms can also be included with the policy as appropriate.

Our document generation solution is designed to deliver an efficient, powerful, high-performance experience with these key benefits:

Rapid Deployment of Custom Policy Document Templates for any line of business.

One Solution for any Document Type. You can generate a custom quote, proposal letter, proof of insurance cards and more. NetRate supports forms for your multi-line, multi-state, multi-location and package policies, of all sizes and complexities.

Automate Document Selection and Sequencing. With the powerful business rule engine, NetRate attaches the correct forms to a policy or provides as optional forms for selection based on the policy data. When the forms are selected, business rules drive the correct sequencing of the forms in the complete policy document. And these rules can vary by company, program, state, transaction type, and more.

Maintenance Free: As your document template requirements change, the NetRate team will be ready to make the necessary changes so your business does not skip a beat.

Worry-Free, No-Hassle Version Management: As your document templates change you need to deploy them at the right time across your whole organization. With NetRate, it’s as easy as adding the new document template to the forms library and setting an effective date. That ensures the entire organization is using the correct form template.

Policy Life Cycle: This solution goes beyond simply providing the original policy documents. We build in the power of the policy life cycle so that just the right documents are generated for each transaction type; new policy, endorsements, cancellations or renewals.