Automate carrier reporting with NetRate

Carrier Feeds & Bureau Reports

Make reporting data to carriers easy. Put any of the data already in your NetRate solution into the format and file type that your carrier requires with a push of a button.

We know how important it is to minimize data entry, especially data that is already in electronic formats. Why type it again when we can extract what your carrier is looking for and place it in the correct format and file type. With a NetRate carrier feed solution, we have eliminated the need for duplicate data entry and provided a utility that can help completely automate the reporting process.

By the time you have processed a submission through the bind process you have entered and generated most, if not all, the data your carrier requires. If one of our pre-configured carrier feeds does not meet your needs, then our team of US based service professionals will build one that does. Once configured, set a time frame and push a button and your report will be generated for you. Or, if you prefer, we can help you automate the process. Reporting done. It’s that easy!