Making the puzzle pieces fit

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66007792 - technology background and smart phoneWe understand that a big part of your business is gathering, processing and reporting information, whether for underwriting, rating, quoting or issuing policies. There is perhaps no bigger waste of time than retyping that information again and again, each step of the way. That’s why we have developed utilities and integrations to import information. No more re-entering what you already have! We can import data from spreadsheets, PDF documents, third-party web services and more.

Among our existing import utilities are:

  • Location services
  • Vehicle fleets
  • VIN-related information, such make, model and year of vehicle
  • ISO® PPC
  • Policy Administration System data

We also have a number of third-party platforms already integrated into our solutions because making the pieces fit together is important to us. If you don’t see one you require on this list, let us know. We’re constantly integrating more solutions into our own, so that you can achieve your business goals.

Here are some of the solutions we’ve already integrated:

  • MGA Systems: IMS
  • Epic Premier: Concept One
  • POLK VINtelligence
  • VINLink
  • ISO® Coverage Verifier: CV-ALIR
  • ISO® Location® PPC™
  • LexisNexis: MVR & CLUE Reports

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