Commercial Property Processing

Whether you’re replacing a legacy system or adding a property line of business, NetRate provides you with all you need to instantly rate and issue property insurance. We support ISO®-based, custom or carrier specific rating.

Some of the features of a NetRate Systems property processing solution:

  • Nationwide rating for class rated, specific rated, and special property classes
  • Maintenance of the ISO® Commercial Property Content Library
  • Supports ISO® protection class location web service for automatic validation of property address
  • Includes ISO®-based IRPM risk characteristics and scoring methodology for credits and debits
  • Supports Personal Property, Business Income, and Utility Coverages
  • Provides additional coverage support for items such as pollutant cleanup and debris removal
  • Provides a location import tool to easily upload property locations
  • Detailed worksheet for submitting to the company underwriter or to use in audits. Includes rate, protection class and coinsurance deductible modifiers, as well as all calculations
  • Taxes & Surcharges Rating
  • Terrorism Rating
  • Free Form Coverage Entry
  • And Much More