How is your company culture?

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30476724 - group of young employees having lunch outdoorsWe all know that happier workers are more productive. But did you know that for most people, money can’t buy workplace happiness? In fact, many studies have placed salaries at the bottom of the list of factors in employee happiness. So what does make people happier at the office? Here are three things that those of us in the insurance industry can do to ensure a happier, more productive workforce.

Culture. A company with a culture of transparency, high expectations, empowerment, appreciation and fun is one that is likely to have happier employees. It also helps if the company is well-respected in the industry and engaged in humanitarian projects and serving the community outside of the business sphere.

Leadership. Great leaders make sure their teams know they are valued. Part of that is ensuring employees know how their work contributes to the company’s mission. It also means celebrating employees’ wins.

Flexibility. Employees often rank flexibility as more important than higher pay. Flexibility means allowing employees to work some of their hours each week from home. It also means employees are not made to feel guilty for taking time off to care for a sick child or other family member. This is one of the points in a recent Insurance Business Magazine article about five inexpensive ways to improve employee happiness.

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