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Most people agree that technology makes our lives easier. When that technology fails, it can really cause stress. When something goes wrong with technology you rely on, you want answers fast. We asked NetRate’s Support Team, who have decades of experience in servicing and configuring custom software, for tips on fast-tracking tech support requests.

They all agree on this – the more information you include in your Support Case, the quicker your problem can be resolved. While tips in this blog relate specifically to reporting issues to NetRate, the concept remains the same – include as much specific information as possible when reporting a concern to a technology vendor.

It’s easy to reach us. Just click Support in the rating application to generate a ticket in our case management system, or email

Here’s a list of information to include in a new Support Case:

Your Phone Number

Provide your phone number, not just an email address, along with your name. Sometimes a phone call is faster than emailing back and forth. We may also call to request that you share your screen with us, so we can see the issue you are experiencing.

Urgency of the Request

If you have a deadline you are trying to meet (such as a time-sensitive quote or policy promised to your client), let us know your timeframe. You can also log tickets for enhancements or future requests – here again, just give us an idea of your time frame. If the system is down and you are unable to log in the NetRate program, call us at 1-877-790-1114, Option #2.

All or One?

Let us know if multiple users in your office are experiencing the same issue.

Informative Details

Be as descriptive in your request as possible, including relative details such as the Line of Business (Business Auto or General Liability), the Insurance Carrier or Company Program Name, and State or Location of the Insured. Reference the ISO or State rating rule you are referring to when possible.

Provide Examples

Include the Exported Quote (Quote XML) for us to analyze in our TEST Environment so we can try to reproduce the issue you are having and see it first-hand. Provide copies of worksheets or forms. Attach any screen shots or other documents that you think might help us more quickly troubleshoot your issue.

Our goal is make your program business worry-free, with accurate quotes, forms, policies and reports. While hiccups may arise with custom software configurations, you can count on our team to get you up and running – and provide enhancements to make sure your rating software works for you for years to come.

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