When a business introduces new software, it can feel like someone is putting their hands in the cookie jar. Insurance rating software can be like that — since the quote you offer, and commit to stand by, touches just about every administrative part of your business.

It’s a simple piece of data, but the rate connects to the complete policy lifecycle – submitting, binding, issuing, endorsing, auditing and reporting.  And, all the third-party software in use must connect seamlessly to the rating software.

NetRate works out of the box but is often customized for our clients. It’s here that our implementation team plays a crucial role in assuring your organization’s success. Technology implementations often fail without a team ensuring success by watching these four key areas:

Communication is a two-way street

Both the software vendor and the customer need to work together and keep communication open. Customers should trust the software company to follow their own development and project management methodology. Software companies should keep the customers informed of progress – not just sharing project plans, but actual demos of the custom software along the way.

Eliminate scope creep

Every aspect of customizing software must be carefully defined, and then set in motion for delivery. Often as development work is demonstrated, new ideas or requests will surface. It’s always our goal to configure NetRate exactly how you want it, but we will reach our mutual project goals faster by eliminating scope creep – the practice of adding new work to a project that has been already defined. But don’t worry, NetRate is always willing to add additional items in the next phase of development.

Deliver items that bring the most value first

With open communication, our implementation team listens to your goals and works with you to define priorities. This way we can deliver the most important items first.

Rigorous user testing

We can’t say enough about the importance of testing. Everything takes some getting used to, so don’t be afraid to play with NetRate using some real-world tasks. Developers want you to try to find things that are not working as you requested, to be sure you are satisfied with your rating solution.   With NetRate, pick your largest quote (with lots of vehicles and locations), your average quote and maybe one of your oddballs to see how it flows through the system.

At NetRate, we make sure the pieces fit together so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Please give us a call at (877) 790-1114 or contact us here to find out how NetRate can provide you with the solutions — and customization — you need.

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