Incorporate Endorsements into Your Comparative Rater
Incorporate Endorsements into Your Comparative Rater

If you thought comparative raters were really only effective for personal lines insurance or simple commercial lines accounts, take a second look. It is possible to incorporate endorsements and other policy term changes and still benefit from the efficiencies of an accurate comparative rating system.

NetRate’s rating engines allow clients to rate coverage alternatives as well as multi-line, multi-state and multi-location policies. We support all major ISO and carrier-custom commercial lines rating and offer a choice of Web browser, Windows Client Server or black-box implementation.

Endorsements are often what set an insurance program apart from competitors, so having those special considerations included in the rating software is crucial. What’s more, policy term differences should be automatically handled. NetRate’s rating engines are designed to do just that. Through our modular suite of products and services, you can choose to broaden your system’s capabilities far beyond simple rate calculation. With the right blend of NetRate solutions, you can customize your experience to include after-inception policy processing, which includes midterm endorsements and renewals.

Not only are NetRate’s off-the-shelf products flexible and configurable to your needs, our on-staff experts deliver personalized attention and have the experience to understand how to integrate your rating platform with your upstream and downstream systems.

Operating in specialty markets and keeping agile enough to respond to client demands and market trends requires trustworthy and time-conscious technology partners. Being able to incorporate automated updates for endorsements for a wide range of policies will save your company money on the front end and create efficiencies throughout the life of the policy, even expediting and simplifying renewals that are subject to policy term changes.

NetRATE can help make your rating and associated business processes more efficient and enhance your competitiveness while keeping your unique needs at the center of the system. Please give us a call at (877) 790-1114 or email us to find out how NetRATE can provide you with solutions to improve your comparative rating process.

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