Did you see the headline last week about how accuracy in commercial lines insurance rating has become a “disruptor”? No? Of course you didn’t. The industry is buzzing about cyber risk, capital standards, regulatory costs and marketing innovations.

But the real disruptor, the thing that would really put a program administrator, MGA or insurer out ahead of the competition, would be accuracy. That’s ultimately what clients are after: an accurate quote that doesn’t take forever or require days of heavy-handed negotiating. And by accuracy, we’re not just talking about a premium. We’re talking about a properly priced product that actually meets the client’s real needs, comprehensively with their specific exposures in mind.

Working off of longtime insurance industry expertise or a “gut feeling” based on experience can lead to less than optimal suggestions for clients in the program insurance business arena, and that can lead to lost business. Where there are many choices that are potentially suitable, an agent or broker really needs the help of insurance rating software that runs thousands of calculations behind the scenes to generate the very best choices for clients.

At NetRate, we help you become a leading disruptor in the industry by providing the basis for competitive, accurate, client-focused program insurance quotes. Our insurance quoting software makes you look intelligent, purposeful, timely, targeted and responsive with appropriate suggestions for program insurance coverage that is not only suitable but also extremely attractive for your clients. In an industry where most of the people are mediocre, you will be a disruptor with NetRate’s commercial lines rating engine behind you.

Our constantly updated ISO and carrier data work within our embedded business rules to make our software consistently accurate and consistently fast. Our flexible, customizable approach to your use of the output allows you to present quotes in the way you like, again, with speed and precision. And, if you ever do run into a problem, our service team is accessible and knowledgeable so you won’t be stranded.

NetRate can help make your rating and associated business processes more efficient and enhance your competitiveness while keeping your unique needs at the center of the system. Please give us a call at (877) 790-1114 or email us to find out how NetRate can provide you with solutions to improve your commercial lines insurance rating process.

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