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A NetRate Client Shares Ideas on Organizing Employees and Workflow

Interview with Marcia (Marcy) Froehlich Risk Placement Services RPS

RPS (Formerly known as KDC Associates, LLC) is a multi-million dollar office of Risk Placement Services ( They operate like an MGA and have the ability to rate, quote, bind, issue and endorse policies. Focused mainly on general business, inland marine and auto, they now have a growing line of towing business. It currently accounts for about 50% of their business. 

We recently spoke with Marcia (Marcy) Froehlich, RPS, to share her thoughts on the keys to their success. Of course, we at NetRate are thrilled that she credits their use of NetRate insurance software as one thing that has helped them expand their book of business.

But Marcy also offered valuable and practical information on how her group is organizationally structured. This modern business and relatively small team has a strong footprint across the US.

“We are able to write a lot of business due to your program – the ease of it,” -Marcy Froehlich, RPS

Company Successful with Telecommuting

Marcy was one of the group’s first employees and has been with the company for 10 years. Now with 14 employees, only five underwriters and assistants work at RPS headquarters in Las Vegas. The rest work remotely.

“Everyone loves working remotely. We’ve never lost an employee and the company gets more work from us,” said Marcy. By eliminating commute time, employees have more time during the day to focus on work and are often willing to work on weekends, or after hours, if a client or agent needs attention right away.

Expertise in Every Time Zone

Marcy is Operations Manager with four raters reporting to her. She also manages her own book of business. Each rater has a geographic territory with multiple agents assigned. “Organize your team by states, so the rater gets to know the state regulations and develops a close partnership with the agents they’re working with,” suggested Marcy.

By spreading their raters across time zones, they develop expertise on state-specific forms and coverages. For example, rating and issuing policies in Massachusetts (Mass Auto) is definitely different than what is involved with Commercial Auto in Arizona.

A Team Effort in Insurance Processing

Each rater at RPS has 20+ years of experience. To keep these more experienced employees focused and dedicated to rating/writing policies, a team of employees cover other tasks.

  • When a new account comes in, a representative in Intake handles data entry to set up the new submission for rating. The basic information on the quote is then sent to a rater, based on territory assignment.
  • The raters take the account from there, entering everything else about the risk required for rating purposes.
  • A separate, dedicated employee handles all endorsements.

“Endorsement work is a good way for someone just starting out to learn about insurance,” explained Marcy. “They aren’t starting from scratch with a new quote, but are instead adding a vehicle or changing a location. It’s an excellent position for a person new to the industry to learn terminology and processes.”

Speaking of Processes: What About NetRate?

NetRate software was built assuming users have knowledge of rating and underwriting commercial lines. However, RPS was able to train the employee dedicated to endorsements on the system, even though he was new to the company and the industry.

As far as forms, RPS uses both ISO® and their carriers’ forms, and they use MGA Systems’ IMS policy administration system. Regarding integration of IMS with NetRate, Marcy said, “It is seamless. For a long time I didn’t even know they were two different systems. It all just works.”

With this integration, it is easy to produce forms, billing and reports, while seeming like all one process to Marcy and the team.

Fast, Attentive Service

RPS has relationships with only one or two agents per state. They build targeted relationships with these agents so they become the agent’s #1 go-to for writing a policy. And the agents know they can request a rush quote when needed.

“We treat them well from a customer experience standpoint, and one way we can do that is with fast turn-around. Everything I need to do my job is in the NetRate system. I just need to fill in the blanks. We can rate, quote, bind and issue on behalf of our carrier. Our team is experienced and so our carrier trusts us.”

All of us at NetRate are proud to count Marcy and the RPS team among our clients. We work hard to develop the software tools that drive success in the commercial insurance industry. Contact us at 877-790-1114 to learn how NetRate can make your business more efficient and cost effective.

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