American Specialty

American Specialty

Testimonial with Drew Smith, President
American Specialty Insurance & Risk Services, Inc.

American Specialty is an MGA/MGU with letters of authority, that writes business through 1,000 independent agents. They underwrite for sports, leisure and entertainment industries nationwide – businesses that place the company in the crosshairs of exposures such as injuries, concussions, sexual harassment and abuse, guns, terrorism, and venue issues. And, now, they are in the midst of dealing with the implications of COVID-19 pandemic to these industries. We recently spoke with our client Drew Smith, who has 60 teammates in Fort Wayne, Indiana working in sales, accounting, IT, underwriting and claims.

American Specialty was established in 1989, and then purchased by Brown & Brown (B&B) in 2005. Drew says that gives the company several advantages, including the ability to work with like-minded individuals and access to robust carrier partner relationships.

“We’re ambassadors of NetRate within B&B,” said Drew. “We continue to recommend NetRate to other MGAs at B&B. We’re part of National Programs, which is now 25% of B&B revenue.”

A newly-refreshed website promotes the American Specialty brand, “What Special Feels Like,” to highlight their goal to provide service beyond expectation. This concept is so ingrained in their DNA, that they demand special from their vendor partners – including NetRate.

“We need to continue to raise the bar, evolve as a service organization, and move quickly as the market changes. We like the speed with which changes can be made with NetRate,” said Drew. He added that thanks to NetRate, “carriers see us as a speed boat rather than a cruise ship. If a system is static and slow, it won’t work for an MGA in 2020. We tried other rating software, but chose NetRate because it is the fastest to process and efficiency is critical in 2020. That is what special feels like.”

Ease of use is a key benefit of NetRate, according to Drew. “It is user friendly and intuitive – easy for a new teammate to use.” Also, NetRate supports American Specialty’s filed rating plans, adding to their efficiency. “We’re in a no mistakes business, so eliminating the need to re-key data streamlines the process and helps avoid errors.”

“We have been with NetRate for many years and think of your team as an extension of ours. You continue to move with us. We appreciate your approach to work, and that your team is visible. We’re glad see you at conferences – you’re always on our list as a vendor we want to meet up with at events.”

We couldn’t agree more – meeting up with clients gives meaning to our work at NetRate, and we are proud to support the commercial insurance industry at events. Contact us at 877-790-1114 to learn how NetRate can make your business more efficient and cost effective.

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