Checklist for Annual Tech Maintenance

One thing successful program administrators do to prepare for a surge in growth is to evaluate their technology, so that systems and software hum along with the pace of new business. Here are the top four reasons clients made the switch to NetRate for their commercial lines insurance rating needs. You’ll know it’s time for you to consider new rating software if you find yourself in any of these situations:

#1 Inaccurate Quotes – Nothing is more embarrassing or potentially damaging to your brand than having to go back to a client to ask for more money than you initially quoted. If you find yourself double checking rates, or comparing multiple sources just to make sure your quotes are accurate, you risk human-error mistakes. Plus, that administrative time could be spent booking new business.

#2 Out-of-Date ISO® loss costs and rules – You may find your rates are out of date, because your rating vendor no longer keeps up with ISO®, or maybe even went out of business. NetRate supports all major commercial lines of business, and regularly updates ISO® advisory loss costs and rules. We’ve been in the industry for more than 20 years and are now backed by Polaris Partners, for sound financial support. You can count us for accuracy.

#3 Integrate with New Software – If you’re upgrading your management software system, you will need a rating solution that integrates seamlessly. NetRate’s team of engineers will ensure quality integration with several third-party partners.

#4 Move to the Cloud – Companies using cloud-based solutions realize savings on hardware costs and maintenance. Vendor maintenance increases uptime and scalability.  It also provides peace of mind with advanced cybersecurity and disaster recovery solutions.  NetRate software is now fully available cloud-based, with all the functionality and customization options our customers appreciate.

If any of these four reasons sound familiar, it may be time to upgrade your rating software. Our experienced account managers are well-connected in the industry and can help you prepare a timeline for integration and implementation. To start the conversation, please give us a call at (877) 790-1114 or contact us here to find out how NetRate can provide you with the solutions — and customization — you need.


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