Easily distribute your insurance programs with a NetRate Portal.

Agent Submission Portals

Open up your NetRate solution to your agents so they can efficiently evaluate and submit business while eliminating duplicate data entry for your team. Give the agent just the amount of permission they need for their authority level:submission only, submission and quick quote, or more:it’s up to you.

We know that distributing your insurance products relies on a network of relationships. With a NetRate Portal, you can quickly onboard new agents or wholesalers by giving each one access with permissions that match their authority level.

Here are a few examples of the type of functionality that you can provide your agents permission to access with your NetRate solution:

  • Underwriting Guidelines: Attach program collateral and documents that help your agents learn more about the programs you offer.
  • Underwriting Questions: Automate your underwriting guidelines by providing an interactive questionnaire that helps your agents evaluate whether or not the prospective business meets the program guidelines.
  • Application Submissions: Add your applications to your NetRate Portal so that the agent can submit business to your underwriting team. Attach documents, like loss runs, to the submission for underwriter review. Already have an application filled out? Import it and we will scrape the data and insert it into the appropriate inputs. No additional data entry required!
  • Quick Quotes: With a minimal number of inputs, give your agent a price indication for their prospective business.
  • Full Quoting: Give your agent the ability to have access to the full range of quoting functionality.
  • Quote Letters: After generating a quote, let your agents produce a quote letter that conveys the features and benefits of your program while delivering a consistent brand image with your custom quote letter.
  • Binding Authority: If your agent has binding authority and the business meets all of your underwriting requirements, give them the ability to bind the business right within your NetRate Portal solution.
  • Policy Issuance: Once a quote is bound, provide your agent with the ability to generate the policy documents with access to the NetPPS policy issuance solution.