One goal for the new year

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35301688_LIt’s that time of year again — the five- or six-week span when we try mightily (and sometimes fail miserably) to keep our New Year’s resolutions. Americans typically set three to five goals each year, including those related to their careers or businesses. By late February, though, most resolutions are gathering dust in the corners of our busy lives.

There is a better way. Studies show that instead of coming up with multiple goals at the beginning of each year, we should commit ourselves to just one significant change. In addition, when it comes to setting goals, consider making them SMART. Smart stands for specific, measurable, attainable (or achievable), relevant and time-bound.

Suppose you know you need to do a better job at building a business network. Instead of a vague New Year’s resolution to ‘attend more professional networking opportunities,’ for example, you’ll want to quantify the number of networking events you’ll attend each month and what you plan to accomplish at each. (That’s the specific and measurable part.) Big goals are great, but make sure your goal is attainable. Even more importantly, is it relevant to you? Will it help you, your insurance career or your business? Lastly, make sure you have a realistic timeline for achieving your goal(s).

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